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Dickson Consulting LLC is a full-cycle software development company based in Charlotte and founded in 2020. Our team is always ready to create the most up-to-date and technologically effective solutions for our customers worldwide.

Our Services


Native iOS App Development

We have built native iOS apps using Swift, SwiftUI, ARKit, AVKit, and more.

Flutter Development

Flutter can be used to develop Android, iOS, Desktop and Web apps from a single codebase.

API Development

We can provide full stack development, including everything from the user interface to the backend.

Windows Development

We can build for you a Windows 11 desktop app that has the look and feel of the latest Windows 11 theme.

UI/UX Design

We can take your idea and create a beautiful set of screens(using Figma or Adobe), ready to be developed into a final product.


We can provide an overview of your concept/existing product, and show you where you can gain better user traction, engagement, etc.

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